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If you want a smoker, and you decide that a gas model is the one for you, read on and I will compare 3 of the industry leading models against each other. We will look at offerings from three top brands:

The three models are the Bradley Propane Smoker, The Masterbuilt 7 In 1 Smoker And Grill and finally the Brinkmann 810-5000-0 All-In-One Outdoor Cooker.

Best Gas Smoker Reviews

Masterbuilt Propane Smoker - Highest Rated Propane Smoker

The Master built 44-inch Gas Smoker is a workhorse, with plenty of room to smoke all of your favorite foods. Whether you're smoking at home, or tailgating at the big game, this smoker brings the heat! There's a removable water pan for added moisture and an easy-to-read thermostat in the door. This extra-large capacity smoker has a viewing window, so you can watch your food smoke without opening the door. With easy push-button ignition and gas controls, Master built has made smoking simple.
  • Extra-large capacity with 2,000 sq. in. of cooking space on four chrome smoking racks
  • Dual-door design with viewing window and thermostat in top door
  • Two 8,250 BTU stainless steel burners with push-button ignition
  • Porcelain-coated wood chip tray and water pan
  • Type 1 regulator and hose
If you're looking for the best gas smoker, look no further than the Masterbuilt 44-inch propane gas smoker. It has the most reviews and the highest ratings on Amazon and is affordably priced at $340 with free shipping and special 6 month financing. That free shipping offer is a good deal considering this smoker weighs over 105 pounds.

Masterbuilt 7 In 1 Smoker And Grill

Masterbuilt gas smoker grill review The 7 in 1 design from Masterbuilt is a much more substantial smoker. It comes in at 42 lbs. so it is not the most portable of smokers, but it is a good size. The combined cooking and grilling function on top of the smoking make this an extremely versatile machine, well-made and easy to assemble straight out of the box. It has the essential cool to the touch handles, and comes complete with an aluminium pot to ensure you can use it for anything.

Customers have been extremely satisfied and even first time users have smoked perfectly with very little practice. The flame disk bowl is made from porcelain - heat and corrosion resistant, and the LPG system enables this smoker to stand out from the crowd making it easy to use anywhere outdoors.

Excellent customer after sales service and an innovative design mean that this smoker combination comes highly recommended. Also included are a basket and a thermometer so you can get your food just right. Outdoor cooks always like to be ambitious, and the versatility of this design will amaze you. Learn more about this smoker

Bradley Propane Smoker

Bradley Propane Gas smoker review Operating on a standard 1 lbs. Propane tank, the Bradley propane smoker is easy to use. There is a control unit that is powered by four AA batteries which allows you to finely control the amount of smoke and the cooking temperature. At 20 lbs. In weight and approximately 2 foot dimensions, the Bradley propane smoker is totally portable so you can take it on trips and holidays, but it offers all the cooking and smoking abilities of a full size Bradley smoker.

Imagine being able to take your smoker fishing, so you can smoke the fish at their absolute freshest. The clever rack and foil tent system makes this the ideal smoker for travel and occasional use, and included is a spare foil tent in case of accidental damage and wear.

Because of the use of this technology, this smoker is extremely easy to dismantle and move and it is extremely convenient to use when out in the wilds. The price on this smoker is small because of its compact size, so it is also a good value way for anyone to get into the world of smoking, and it is without a doubt the most portable smoker I've seen. Learn more about this smoker

Brinkmann 810-5000-0 All-In-One Outdoor Cooker

Brinkmann gas smoker review Brinkmann offers an excellent comparison with their 810-5000-0 All-In-One outdoor model. It is almost identical to the Masterbuilt in terms of size, weight and features, but it also offers something extra. You not only have the option of gas cooking and smoking, but you can also use charcoal or a combination. Frying or baking, grilling or cooking, this grill will perform.

It features a porcelain enamel water pan so you can both water and dry smoke with both gas and charcoal, making it the most versatile unit we have seen. Up to 50 lbs. of food can be fitted in the smoker, and any serious outdoor chef would be hard pushed to have more cooking options than this. Stay cool handles are a feature as in the Masterbuilt.

Although there is not a propane tank included in this set, all the hose and the regulator are provided along with two grills and a unique dome lid with a temperature indicator to take the guesswork out of smoking and cooking. The same model is available in stainless steel. Learn more about this smoker

Of the three models the closest comparison is between the last two mentioned. Without a doubt they are both excellent units, but the ability to use charcoal as well has sold me on the Brinkmann all-in one. If it was portability and good value that I wanted, then the Bradley model is a hands down winner, and for pure quality, solidity and simplicity the Masterbuilt would be my preference. So there you have our choices of the best gas smokers. Check out the best propane gas smoker

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